anne hunsicker
Visual Designer


I’m a naturally creative person with many forms of artistic expression in (almost) all parts of my life. Originally a self-educated designer, and as an intuitively creative person who can respond to, and build on my immediate creative project, I found my dream profession in NYC as a designer via an unconventional path. Equally left-brained as right-brained, I always seek new professional technical and creative challenges, so that I continue to grow as a designer, and as a person.

Living among my artistic tribe - other creatives - is a must, to have a constant source of inspiration. My current home is in the SF Bay Area, and there is no shortage of murals and public art, which I share in this site, to spread the inspiration.


Please read about my process for each portfolio piece. Each gallery item contains an expandable inside page which explains my creative and technical process.


"I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for a student of mine, Anne Hunsicker. I have known Anne for the past year, as she had taken the course title Concept Development that I teach at The AICA of Pittsburgh Online. I have had the opportunity to observe her participation and interaction in class and to evaluate Anne’s knowledge and ability to design not only graphics, but a point-of-purchase counter top display structure as well. Her command of type, color, and creative concepts were excellent, and she seemed to effortlessly create the appropriate perception for her client. She is well equipped to grow from challenges and critiques. Anne is professional, courteous, and personable. She is an outstanding student in all respects, and I recommend her without reservation."

— Mary Clare, FTF | Graphic Design, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online

"Anne is a versatile designer with many artistic and design abilities. Her dedication and personal style are evident in her work. A strong sense of typography and brand creation are evident in her opus. Whether she weaves her creative talents in web, print or digital media an aura of creativity surrounds her work. Anne will make a strong contribution to any corporation."

- Nancy Zeller, faculty AiPOD, The Art Institute Pittsburgh - Online Division, Art Institute Online

"Anne Hunsicker was the graphic designer for the New York New Music Ensemble for several years when she lived in New York. She did posters, print ads, logo, stationery, and other incidentals. She has a superb eye and we were very happy with her design work. She has both class and a flare for the unusual. She is also a dream to work with. I highly recommend Anne to any business or arts group for distinctive, imaginative, no stress design work."

— Jayn Rosenfeld, Flutist /

"I had the privilege to work with Anne during my time as a Print Manager for E.L. Reinhardt Company, related to a packaging project for PLS Group Inc., while Anne’s role as a Print & Web Designer for Tell MFG. I was intrigued by the creativity in Anne’s designs and was impressed with her pleasant mannerism and professional approach. Anne’s demeanor is thoughtful, attentive, calm and friendly, even under the most stressful of circumstances and always maintained the most professional demeanor. She takes time to gather facts, insuring she is reacting to all facts and not partial data, and thus produces consistent, high-quality results. I worked with Anne on for months on many projects for creating multiple packaging products. Anne was always very timely with completion of her work, always ahead of schedule. I highly recommend Anne Hunsicker’s talent and expertise, as an individual and as a professional. Anne will be a great asset for any organization that she will choose to be her next workplace."

— Timothy Stemig, Minnesota House of Representatives

"Anne Hunsicker's design work is sophisticated, bold and brilliant. She is wonderful to work with and brings a huge amount of heart and personal commitment to everything she does. I highly recommend her for any design, or art projects."

— Melanie G. Snyder, Etsy Customer



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